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2.6tph Iron oxide Pellets rotary Dryer

Raw material: Iron oxide Pellets size 8-15mm
Capacity: 2.6 tons / hour
Manufacturing Material:  Carbon Steel 
Machine Model: φ1.2*6  Rotary dryer
Location: Vietnam 
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Product Details
Project introduction :

The 2.6tph iron oxide pellet drying production line is part of the acid regeneration project of Tenova, Italy. The project was built in Vietnam. After the detailed negotiation, the φ1.2*6 m dryer was selected.

Project details:
Raw material: Iron oxide Pellets size 8-15mm
Capacity: 2.6 tons / hour
Product moisture at the entrance: 10%
Product moisture output: 5% (maximum)
Manufacturing Material: Carbon Steel
Machine Model: φ1.2*6 Rotary dryer
Location: Vietnam 

Design Principles & Advantages:

1. The inlet pipe is installed at the bottom of the drum and maintains a gradient of 5% with the bottom of the barrel, fixed DN250 flange.
2. The outlet port is manufactured according to the drawing, and fixed DN250 flange.
3.Air outlet port Connect the DN250 flange.
4. Internal spiral blade is adopted in the drum, with blade thickness of 10mm, height of 150mm and pitch of 500mm.
5. L35*35 Angle steel were uniformly distributed in the wall of the tube.
6. The carrier should be Φ260mm, and the Angle between the center of two carrier and the center of the drum shall be 70 degrees.
7. The fire pipe is installed on the upper right of the cylinder body, and is fixed on the cylinder body with flange. Welding is not allowed on the cylinder body.
8. There is rock wool insulation layer on the outside of the dryer drum.
9. The reducer is configured according to technical requirements, and 5.5kw speed regulating motor is selected.
10. When the dryer is installed, it is placed horizontally without inclination.


Easy to operate, easy to maintain, The equipment has not any problems. Hongji machinery is cost-effective and customers are very satisfied.

Service support:

- 48-hour idling test machine before leaving the factory.

- You can take the materials to the factory test machine.

- We will customize the solution according to your needs.
Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.
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